Marathon training Week 4 – Lessons 2-8

I get why not everyone trains for a marathon.  And while I respected those who have gone before me and crossed that line, I have even more respect.  Especially those who have lives other than their running careers.  Here are the lessons I’ve learned from weeks 3 and 4.

2.  I want to quit every other day.  The “other” days are rest days.
3.  I just thought I liked to run in really cold weather. 20’s – just no.
4.  Body glide is essential.  I emphasize essential.
5.  I can have some serious arguments with myself.  The beauty is I always win.
6.  Running with someone you don’t know is a great idea because you can learn about them and it takes your mind off the fact that you are only halfway done and its been an hour.
7.  The fact that I always want to quit is going to make it that much sweeter when I do cross that line.
8.  Running fuel = candy.  Bonus!

We have to go 12 miles this weekend.  That is one mile short of a half marathon.
Oh.  My.  Goodness.

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