I took a Drecation…..with Live Laugh Dress

The friends I made in college are some of my favorite people.  One of Andy’s friends became one of my friends.  Which is even cooler.  Enter “Drecation” (her instagram handle) or Andrea Palmer.  Andrea can make me laugh like no other.  And when she started her business called “Live, Laugh, Dress” I knew I was going to support her.  So the time finally came where I booked her.  And this is what I got when I finally pulled the trigger.

I somewhat cleaned my closet first.  Then I invited her into said closet, while I sat on the couch and watched 5 episodes of Hart of Dixie on Netflix.  She was hard and work and I completely lounged.  She took things from my closet, put them together, took a picture, and sent me the album via iCloud.  I got 96……let me let that sink in – 9-6 photos of clothes I already owned that I had never in my life thought to put together.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I love these plaid pants.  Know what I always wear with them?  A black sweater.  This is what Andrea came up with from those lonely plaid pants.


I have had this turquoise necklace for years and never worn it.  Now i have no excuse, because this is super cute.

These purple hombre pants – I LOVE them. What do I wear with them?  A black sweater, because I’m super trendy like that.  What did Andrea put with them?  All of these!!!!

Those are a mere sprinkling of what I got for inviting Andrea to check out my semi messy closet.  Best money I ever spent.   I grabbed Andrea with a $90 special she had.  Her normal rate is $120.  That $90 would have bought me a pair of pants and maybe 2 tops.  I got 96 new looks.

Check her out.  While you Live, or in my case – veg, she’ll most likely make you Laugh while she Dresses you.  Live Laugh Dress on Facebook, instagram and the web.  You will seriously thank me for this one.  Your welcome!

*edited to add if you are in OKC, she has a travel fee of $20 – still totally worth it.

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