I don’t suck at running!! – Marathon Training Week 5

I got to spend an extended weekend on the east coast for a little business trip/trip to see my sis.  After they got hit with snow the week before I was a little concerned but the weather was amazing and I could still look at the beautiful snow that was sticking around.

I heart Oklahoma.  But I’ll be the first to admit it’s landscape has very few pleasing things to offer, compared to other parts of the country.  So running in historic Williamsburg, Virginia was a pleasant change.  The weather was in my running happy place – the mid to high 40’s. My sister jumped on her mountain bike and led me through 10 miles of beautiful trails winding through golf courses, historic houses, and ponds.  It was one of the best runs I’ve ever had, hands down.  And one of the most scenic. And it’s obvious my own flesh and blood doesn’t read my blog because she said, “you just keep going and don’t even complain!”.  HA!  Read marathon training week 4 sis.  So I’ve decided the cure after having a terrible run is to jump on a plane and travel to Virginia for the next long run.

Thanks Virginia for showing me I really don’t suck at running!!


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