Love is not Irritable

It all started with an insane Thursday schedule. The morning started with Karly waking up on the wrong side of the bed. And BONUS! It included an epic tantrum only 20 minutes after waking. The evening would entail an appointment and shuttling Carson to two practices. And we had to eat dinner in there somewhere and driving through somewhere wasn’t an option. When Neely jumped in the van after school and told me her history project was due tomorrow…that she had conveniently forgotten, and required creative thinking and glue and craft supplies, and I only had Andy to help for the first half, I knew I was in for a bumpy afternoon/evening. 
So the stage was set. I was irritable. As we were in line at Hobby Lobby, purchasing our craft supplies, the line was extra long with only one checker. So we had time to stare at the candy. We joked as we looked at the Snickers bars. They have new labels now, you know. I picked up the one that said “irritable” and said “oh look they made one for me today”. Karly picked up the one that said “complainer” and Neely picked up the one that said “forgetful.” Nice job Snickers. You nailed us. We didn’t buy them but we did get a good laugh In. 
The laughs faded quickly as my daughter who is a perfectionist began her project that was not meant to accomplish in one evening. There were lectures, tears, and door slams. And I may have said out loud “God please let this day be over” more than once. 
And it did finally end.  With a few scars I’m afraid. I decided to open the devotional I was very behind in to somehow reach a zen state before bed. The title of the chapter I was on? Love is Not Irritable. I laughed out loud. The first paragraph said this  “Love is a calming Breeze, not a storm waiting to happen”. A calming breeze…..I am not. The storm thing….I have that down, in every category. The next 3 pages were painful to read. And I tried to not make excuses for myself as I read them. I was irritable. Love is not. I doubt it was coincidence that I was 3 days behind in that book. God doesn’t do coincidence. 
So the good news is my family can hopefully hang their rain coats in the closet. With a whole lot of Holy Sprit, I’m ending storm season. 
Love is not irritable. 

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