Marathon Training: Week 13

Did you think I had quit?  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a marathon training update.  It’s be a tumultuous few weeks when it comes to training.  It started with a bout of planters fasciitis.  (I never thought I’d be blogging about my running injuries.  My apologies)  For those who don’t know what it is, it’s searing pain in your feet when you walk.  I seriously thought my marathon dreams were over.  And I’d be lying if I didn’t think to myself “an injury is a valid reason for quitting”. But the good news is they make these shoe inserts that have made it bearable.  So after a full week break for rest, I trudged on.

Then there was the week when we were supposed to run 14 miles.  Our plan was to loop past our vehicle at mile 10, have some Gatorade and then put in the last 4.  After our Gatorade and at miles 10.5 I announced I was mentally done.  To which Andy replied “Starbucks sounds so good”. And it was. That was a long training run fail.

But we’ve gotten our bearings back and are on track with only 5 weeks to go.  After 13 weeks it sounds like nothing.  But with the training intensifying in these next 2 weeks, it sounds like an eternity.  I’m in too deep now to quit.  It would just be ludicrous.  So with my just under control planters fasciitis and a blister the size of my entire pinkie toe, on the bottom of my pinkie toe, I lace up.

I long for Saturdays that include sleeping in past 6am.  I long to walk without something in this body of mine screaming at me.  But more than anything I long to cross that finish line and say I did it.

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