Meet Misty

It’s a bit of a landmark day.  I ran my last training run for this Sunday’s marathon with my training partner, Misty.  It was a nice short 3 miles.  I thought maybe I should reminisce during my run, but instead went with the Pandora station “Summer Hits of the 2000’s” (Now I ain’t sayin she a gold digger..”.

Let’s talk about Misty.  Misty has been with me 75% of my training runs.  Misty and I would probably call each other acquaintances before training together.  We work at the same place, we have a lot of the same friends.  But we had never spent any time together.  I remember the day she stood in my office and told me she was going to train for the Marathon, her first.  I had been contemplating it, but hadn’t committed.  She invited me to train with her.  And here we are, 4 days before the marathon, running our last training run.

We have met at 0’dark thirty too many mornings to count.  It usually started with a short greeting after leaving the comfort of our warm cars in the dark.  And then armed with our headlamps and our headphones we logged the miles.  The thing with running is that you don’t have to say anything to the person you are running with.  Sometimes it can spur deep conversations, and other times it’s the words unspoken that you needed.  More often than not it was the words unspoken.

If you want a training partner, you need a Misty.  Misty is fast.  She pushes you to go faster than you want to.  Many times I would work hard to keep up with her.  Other times, I’d look at her in the distance and say to myself “get it girl”.  Misty never bailed on a training run.  She is crazy committed.  I’ll be honest and say I bailed a few times, simply because I couldn’t bear the thought of trading the warmth of my bed for the cold of the dark morning.  She never once cancelled.

I’m happy that on the other side of way too many miles, I can call Misty a friend.  I’m thankful for the road shared, the conversations, the motivation I sometimes didn’t want, and the unspoken words.

Misty will leave me in the dust on Sunday, to which I will say “Get it girl!”  And I couldn’t have done it with out her!

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