The best laid plans….

I am a planner.  I need to write things down.  And then I need to check them off as completed.  It’s how I roll.  We are in the process of moving.  And you know what that requires?  Multiple lists and planning.  I don’t sweat it because that’s my thing!  What isn’t my thing, is when my plans go awry.  Enter sweating it.

Closing dates have been changed….three times.  Kids have gotten sick….ruining vacations.  And you know what else I’ve learned about myself?  I don’t do well living in a house of half packed boxes.

So while my girls are on the couch with fevers for days, fighting over space and barking orders to their brother, I’m trying to reschedule moving logistics, for the third time.  All while tripping over Izzy the border collie, ball in mouth, who can’t go outside because the heat dome has decided to sit above our state for a few weeks.  Did I mention I don’t do well in chaos?

So I am continuing to pack the boxes that create my chaos and hope that next phone call isn’t my realtor telling me we have to change closing yet again.  I’m trying to have compassion for the sweet, feverish, weak girls who still muster enough strength to be bossy.  And I have discovered a love of sushi after a chance sample tasting at the new Sprouts.

How’s your summer going??


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