Let’s catch up. Shall we?

Whew.  It’s  been awhile huh?  Things got a little crazy there for awhile.  So let’s catch up.

So we moved.  I never want to see another cardboard box again.  And I never want to move again.  It’s been a summer of unsettledness but both are coming to a close.  We are getting settled and summer is almost over!  It’s no secret I don’t heart summer.  Mainly because I like to hang out outside and I don’t like to hang out outside in 108 degree heat. BUT when it does go away, not soon enough, I have some new favorite hang out spots at my new place.

The prior owners left us these, on the front porch.  I consider it my gift from them.  I’m here in the morning drinking my coffee.  Painting project featuring these coming soon!!!

Our last house, while it was perfect for us for a time, featured nothing in the back yard.  I mean, nothing.  Our new place has these to look at

and these

and this

When you ask God for something pretty to look at in your new backyard, sometimes He gives it to you!

The ole blog won’t be near as silent in the coming days because we are getting our DIY on with the new house and I plan on sharing it.  I know you can’t wait.  Me either!


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