You want to go where?

I have this friend. When we chat she’s always like “Have you been to so and so?”  My answer is always. “Um, no, what is that?”

You need friends to push you out of your comfort zones. Bethany pushes me out of my comfort zone. She makes me try weird places to eat like “Lees Sandwiches” in a part of town I don’t frequent. I stared at the French Vietnemise menu for about 7 minutes and looked like a tourist as I tried to decipher the menu.
I went safe with a veggie sandwich on an amazing French baguette and some egg rolls. I got crazy with the iced coffee by adding boba. Boba just might be my new favorite word and drink additive. If you don’t know what it is, I feel you. And it’s ok. I’m cultured now. I can tell you. (Hint, it’s at the bottom of this cup and its fun!)
If you need a friend who can move you out of your comfort zone I’m not your girl. But I’ll loan you Bethany.

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