You gotta try this – Indoor Skydiving with IFly

So some people like adventure.  And some don’t.  I feel like I am someone who hasn’t quite tapped into my adventure capability.  Neely got the adventure gene too.  We’ve talked about how we are going to go skydiving once she is old enough. I can’t wait.

So when I had the chance to go try out IFly indoor skydiving – I knew I had to take her with me.  It’s for all ages from 3 to 100! I’m not going to lie..once we got there – we sat in the car and talked about how nervous we were before we went in.  But adventure called.

IFly opened in OKC in February of this year.  It was started in Austin for professional skydivers to practice their tricks.  Then they decided to open it up to the public so everyone could see what it might be like to fly.  And we were lucky enough to go try it out!  They do team building events and birthday parties too!

When you arrive you meet your very knowledgable flight instructor, and watch a 4 minute video giving you the basics of hand signals that will be used, and the position you need your body to be in.  Once you’ve gone through the boring stuff it’s time to suit up!  Your gear includes a flight suit, earplugs, goggles and a helmet.  Then you’re ready to go!

Before we went into the tube…


(Neely told me never to make that pose again….wha??)

We filed into the glass waiting area and anxiously awaited our turn.  Neely and I were in the middle of a group of 10.  We each got two, two minute flights.  And on your second flight you had an option to take the high flight, where they take you to the top of the tube.  Of course we both said yes to that.

Neely went first.  She was a natural.



Then I was up.  And it’s harder than you look, I promise.

We did level one, which were the basics.  If you decide you like it you can go back and learn things like flips, twists, and maneuvering up and down.   Neely and I are already planning our second visit!

Trust me, if you are wanting to do something different for once, this is your place!  Family night, birthday parties, date night – Check out IFly!

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