On Rollerskating and being over 40

Our family got invited to a friend’s 40th birthday party at a skating rink…80’s themed.  Now I don’t know about you but those 2 things bring the memories back.  Phrases like shoot the duck, couples skate, and bathroom stalls etched with bad words fill my memory.  My mom may have even dropped me off at the skating rink….by myself…..can you imagine doing that now with your kids!?!?!?! Heck no!

I was super excited to show my kids my skills and enjoy some nostalgia. I guess these days everyone skates on inline skates because I happened to look down and notice my brown skates with 2 red wheels on each side were in the minority.  Carson chose to “not skate”.  WHAT?  Andy took a few turns around the rink in his inline skates and called it good.  So it was just me and my girls.
I was happy to find that roller skating was a lot like riding a bike!  You don’t forget!  I did decide to however, sit out the limbo, and leave that one to the youngsters.  And when the DJ said it was time for the fast skate, I shuffled off the floor.  I watched Karly take a few times around and thought, well if she’s out there, then I can do it.  And the draw of Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was just too much.  So I sped onto the floor.  I was cranking it, my friends, even crossing over on the turns – I sped past all those little kids.  My girls even said “Mom, you’re really good!” I beamed with pride. Then it happened.
As I was doing my signature move of the cross over with my feet while turning, I felt myself slowly lose my balance, and there was no stopping it.  I was falling, backwards, and my tailbone was going to break my fall.  My large hoop earrings went flying and I heard a collective “Ooo” across the rink.  When I went to get up, it was apparent to me my skating for the night was over.  I managed to get up as the birthday girl skated by and asked if I was ok.  I ,of course, said yes, and painfully took a few more laps with her, in hopes of shaking it off.  There was no shaking it off.  And I promptly turned in my brown skates.
When I got home, I could see I was a little scraped up, but it wasn’t anything the naked eye could see.  As I laid down to go to bed, and couldn’t even lay on the side of my spill, I felt over 40.  The morning revealed a purple bruise the size of a football starting at my lower back and extending downward.  And any type of sitting was painful.
It’s been a few weeks now, the bruise is gone, but there is still a tinge of pain every now and then.  So this is what I want you to learn from my misfortune.  Even when in your head, you feel like you’re still 18, you’re not, and your body might tell you otherwise.
And…pride goes before a fall.

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