Back in the running saddle

What do you think of the blog redesign????  Take note of the new address –

It’s January.  January means a lot of things to me. We celebrate this guy’s birthday! (Cake cred Neely and Karly)(Should I paint that dining room wall?  If so, what color? I’m taking a poll)

The fireplace is burning every chance we can get.

I consume hot drinks all the time.

And marathon training begins.  This time last year I was beginning my full marathon training.  And then I ran the marathon.  And then I fell out of love with running.  And now it’s marathon training season again.  And while I haven’t quite found my running mojo again, I went ahead and signed up for the OKC Memorial Half.  Mainly because it’s tradition.  But also to prove to myself that my old age hasn’t stopped me.

So….who’s with me??  Who wants to run their first half marathon, or their 15th?  Who’s signed up??



Before and After the Cold5K

So meet Amber, she’s my training partner for this race.  Does it say something about me that I have a different training partner for each race….??  Amber hates cold weather running, I love it.  Amber’s really good at talking while we run, and I’m not so good.  Amber has never completed a half marathon, and I have.  Amber doesn’t like to go fast, and neither do I! We just go for a solid finish.  Just Finish Strong, right?  Sunday we did the Frozen Nose Cold 5K.  It’s the first of a cold 3 part 5K race series.  It was 35 degrees and rainy the entire time.  But it was fun!  And that’s what I needed to add back to my running regime – fun!  

And finally – I thought I’d share a tip with you.  Turns out kids love to vacuum out vehicles.  I honestly stood outside of my van, and watched.

I say it all the time people.  It’s the little things.  Add some fun to your runs, and let your kids clean your vehicle.

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