Monday…you came out fists flying

I don’t usually blame days of the week.  But today it has to be done.  I mean, who else can I blame for the chaos of my morning?  Let me recap.

I puuuuuuullllllllleeeeeeedddddd myself out of bed at the rousing hour of 6:30am ready to tackle the day.  I don’t know about you but my mornings are timed meticulously.  I know exactly how many times i can hit snooze before I can’t make it out the door on time.  Anyway, I woke the girls, greeted the dog and the husband and started the coffee.  My first inkling that something was wrong was when Carson asked me for the pill that boosts his immune system.  Normally there is lots of eye rolling and complaining when I ask them to take that pill.  Now, he was asking me.  So that prompted the question from me “Do you not feel good?”  His reply was, I think I’m just hungry.  And here we go.  The thermometer followed with a normal temp and he finished his breakfast.

A few brief passes past his bedroom door showed him lounging on his beanbag.  Second inkling.  So I asked if he needed to stay home.  He adamantly said no because exemptions are important in middle school.  So we all piled into the van and headed to school.  I told him to call me if he needed picked up, but I was going to go on a long run so if I was out it might be awhile before I could get back.  Because I may or may not have blown off my long run this weekend and needed to make up for it today.

I rush home and on the way get a call from Neely who has forgotten her binder.  I insert a lecture about how this is the last time I’m bailing her out and a few sentences about responsibility.  I get the dog, and head to the trail I’m going to run.  Get dog, earphones, and podcasts situated, and take my first step when the ding of my text messages goes off.  “Can you come get me?” It was 8:18  I had just dropped him off 30 minutes ago.  I promptly turn around and put the dog back into the van (confused and disappointed dog) and head to the school.  Answering 3 more texts as to how close I am.  I get to the school and there is a note that they are having a tornado drill.  So I wait 10 minutes until said drill is over.

Get him home, only to remember I am hosting bible study tonight – it’s the first one.  Guess I’m canceling.  #greatstart  And oh yeah, I have to find that binder and make yet another trip up to the school.  No luck on the binder. I’m secretly happy because that means I don’t have to go up there – again.  Call the school, take the dog on a very short walk/run (no long run for me….again…this makes 2 weeks in a row).  I ask him if he’s all situated and say maybe I’ll run into work.  He gives me sad eyes and says “Do you have to?”  This is from the boy who told me last night he was good when I asked for a goodnight hug and kiss.

And that gets me to 10am.

What else you got Monday?  Because I just might snuggle up to this 14 year old boy who still needs his mama.


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