Things I learned at the middle school banquet

Let’s see, Carson is 14 and this is the fist time I’ve helped at an extra curricular event for school in maybe, 8 years?  It was time to pay my dues, I know.  #Momfessional.  I don’t love helping at school events.  Some people are cut out for that stuff.  They are gifted.  Me – I’m better with either adults or 3 year olds.  But I do have a sense of duty, so I talked myself into helping this year.

I took my spot at the drink station, ice scoop in hand, ready to scoop up 300 cups of ice for those sweet(?) middle schoolers.  I was positioned where my back was to the kids coming by, and because I needed to see how they were all dressed I kept turning my head while scooping ice, which meant I missed the cup and ice was going all over the floor.  I didn’t want to miss out so I had to rearrange myself so I could see both cup and kids.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  I learned a few things behind that drink table.

  1. Middle school girls can look like they are in High School.  Those girls looked amazing.  There were dresses anywhere from church attire to prom.  In case you didn’t know – girls really come into their own in middle school – by the end anyway.  While boys don’t really until High School.  Seeing those glamorous girls tower over those cute little awkward boys was no less than entertaining. However I did want to tell some of them they were beautiful without the layers of makeup.  Less is more girls, less is more.
  2. Middle school boys are awkward in social situations.  I’m not talking about all middle school boys.  So don’t get all defensive if you have a social butterfly of a middle schooler. The vast majority, however are.  They are cute as all get out.  But the interaction between boys and girls is awkward at best.  You can see the fear in those eyes as they try to make conversation.  I wanted to run over and help a few of them, but ice scooping duty called.  And it’s a rite of passage.  Good luck boys. It gets easier I promise.
  3. Middle school teachers and principals are a gift.  Knowing that I can barely hang for a few hours without needing a break, I must call attention to the gift that is middle school teachers and administration.  Wow.  I don’t know how you do it.  But I’m so thankful you do, so I don’t have to.  And while my kids principal is all business, I was highly impressed that he didn’t shut down the dancing that broke out when “Cupid Shuffle” came on during the scheduled restroom break.  He actually joined in.  Nice work BMS principal.  You scored you some points.
  4. Puking will always occur at an event  We all know the stomach bug has been going around.  But I’m not talking about the stomach bug.  I’m talking about the concoction of food and drink mixed together and put in front of someone with a dare to drink it.  Insert puking.
  5. My kids don’t want to acknowledge me unless they need something.  I was instructed to not interact with my children.  And I didn’t get all bent out of shape about it.  I was once in middle school too, and I know they need their space.  But its so funny to me how I suddenly appear when they need something.  They both needed something, btw.
  6. Some moms need to let go.  Moms, come on – your middle schooler does not want you sitting at his banquet table.  Or in their face with your camera all evening.  From one mom to another – give em some space!!!!

It was a good time.  I got to be a fly on the wall.  I even saw Carson bust out some dance moves and I wouldn’t have ever gotten to see that.  It may or may not be recorded.   Looking back I loved middle school, formerly referred to as junior high.  Maybe more than high school.  I’m all for memory making and I think they all made some good ones.  And I’m happy to have checked off the “help at the kids school function” box for the year.

(I guess 6th grade girls don’t want their mothers giving them kisses for photos….?)

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