In Defense of the Mom Blogger

I accompanied the owner of OKC Moms Blog to an  OKC Influencer “networking breakfast” today.  And it was your typical corporate breakfast.  A lot of suits around, a lot of card swapping and a lot of industry talk going on.  It took me back to my corporate years.  Some people love corporate life.  I did for a time, but in the end, it just wasn’t the right fit for me longterm. I felt like I was good at it and was able laptop-1149412_640to bring my own set of strengths to the table.  But the required long hours, the micromanaging, and the management rhetoric were not my gig. So I quit, and dug up my old writing skills and started blogging again.  Then I was introduced to the OKC Moms blog and joined them as a contributor and it’s been a great fit!

So back to the breakfast.  In case you’ve never attended a “networking” event, its a lot of suits wanting to make connections to further their business agendas.  Which isn’t a bad thing in itself.  It can just be so awkward.  If you don’t know anyone and it isn’t your thing, but your company sent you, it can be downright painful.  It actually isn’t my thing but Erin and I knew each other so we were fine talking shop amongst ourselves.  We went through the breakfast line and found a decent table and set up camp.  Insert Millennial networking pro.  He walked up, introduced himself and sat at the table of only 2 women.  And I wish I would have had a camera for the next part, where he asked us what company we were with, and we responded with OKC Moms blog.  The look on his face was one of confusion and possibly regret?  Thats right buddy, you chose to “network” with the Mom bloggers.  We explained what we did, he explained what he did and tried to relate it to our world, which he didn’t do a terrible job at #pronetworker.   So I’m going to give this young Millennial an A for effort.  I did however feel that his assumptions of a mom blogger might be terribly inaccurate, as evidenced by the look of panic he had once we stated who we were with.

You see, believe it or not, mom bloggers have a lot of influence.  And chances are, that the 4 bloggers in that room of 50 businesses represented have more influence and reach more people than half the room combined.  And I think that what Mr. Millennial figured out was that Mom bloggers are also intelligent women.  We could actually carry on a  conversation and not refer to dirty diapers or laundry. Women who may or may not have put aside flourishing careers while juggling family logistics, dynamics, and needs are actually behind the screen.  And while Just Finish Strong isn’t a blog specifically set up to do anything other than discuss doing life, there are blogs out there, run by moms that bring in significant income, reach the masses, and make a difference.

So next time you’re at a networking event. (lol) Don’t panic when you get stuck at the table with the Mom Bloggers.  You’ll find its the best table in the room to be at!

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  1. I can just imagine his face. I would have loved to have found you and Erin sitting at a table. Lunch would have been fantastic!!


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