Coconut Sugar – It just might change your life

I’m going to get informational on you today.  Don’t be scared.  Just stick with me and have an open mind.

I went on this 30 day detox where I eliminated almost everything I loved from my diet.  Things like refined sugar, coffee, and gluten.  I seem to be that person who needs to prove things to themselves so I needed to prove to myself that I could do it.  And I did!  But thats another post. So during this 30 days of not eating the things I loved, I came across coconut sugar.  And I was pleasantly surprised!  It doesn’t fall into the refined sugar category.  Refined sugar does things like make you gain weight,  make your blood pressure rise, make you tired and depressed, and mess with your metabolism.  Make you think twice about that cookie?  Yeah, me neither.  But coconut sugar, doesn’t do those things.

So I swapped it when I made my normal chocolate chip cookies for the fam.  And while they complained about how they looked different,  they ate them all.

It looks like this.

Coconut sugar next to brown sugar
Looks like normal cookies, right?

I picked a small bag up at Sprouts but then I scored this large bag at Sam’s Club! Small changes my friends, can make a difference.   Go get you some coconut sugar.


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  1. Kendra Katter says:

    Small changes make big differences long term. Love this Amy! Thanks for sharing this great info.


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