This is how we Spring Break

Our vacation of choice is to head to Colorado.  And it’s not to ski, however we like to do that too.  Andy calls it the “motherland” because that’s where he was born and raised.  I’m that evil person who somehow lured him to the desolate state of Oklahoma.  But we won’t go there today.  I’ll give you a quick recap of our Spring Break week!

We arrived bleary eyed at 1:00am on Saturday morning.  And when my mother-in-law greeted us with a warm apple pie there was nothing else to do but patiently wait for her to slice it up and eat it!  Homemade apple pie at 1:00am is the only way to start a vacation.

We each patiently waited for our slice.  Notice I’m not in this picture because I got mine first, because I needed to take a picture.







So one of the main reasons we headed to CO this spring break was to surprise Andy’s parents with a 50th Anniversary party.  40 of their closest friends and relatives gather to wish them a happy 50th.  They were definietly surprised.  They didn’t get a formal wedding so we recreated a mini one.

Cutting the cake
All their grandkids

There was a lot of food and we even got in some dancing.

They’re the cutest dancers.  Matt, my father in law,  has some moves.

I thought maybe those moves were hereditary – turns out they aren’t.  But we danced anyway.

We celebrated Madison’s 12th birthday!  She’s just 3 month’s older than Neely.

They used to look like this…..

Sniff sniff – moving on.

Karly was playing baseball with Papa and got a ball to the lip.  Which slit it all the way from the front to the back, so we had a little trip to the ER just to make sure she’d be ok.  And she was.

We had dinner with some of our dearest friends Jason and Kelly who were our buddies back in the pre-kid living in CO days.

Carson did a little of this.

And this.

And we did a ton of this.

And my personal favorite!  We hiked!  Nature is my happy place.  And CO is one of my fav places to do this.

A break from hiking for a little Pikes Peak gazing.

Now, we’re back to the land of this.

Till the fall, CO, when I’m going to attempt the incline.


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  1. Tricia says:

    Always always so great to have you here. Please move back someday. ❤u


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