The Great Tech Detox of 2017

It’s been 18 hours since we did the unthinkable.  Since we took away our kids technology.  And we told them we don’t know when they will get it back.  It wasn’t just one thing that led to the decision.  It’s been brewing for a while.  My husband, Andy and I have had multiple conversations about how we should eliminate it.  But come on, who doesn’t love a good hour of not being bothered – I sure do.  But I’m pretty sure “not being bothered” wasn’t in the imaginary contract I unknowingly signed when I birthed those 3.  And at the end of the day, my quiet time seems ridiculous when I need to be molding character. So when I asked the girls to clean their bathroom, that they both share, and a 5 minute argument of who was going to do it ensued – we bit the bullet.  I guess my son, Carson might have been the recipient of a bit of unfairness, but he’s not squeaky clean either.  Bye,bye, ipads.  Enjoy your time in the shoebox with the old ties.

It was right before dinner and my husband made the final call. (Good job babe).  He scooped up all their technology.  And we sat down for dinner.  Karly, my youngest,  immediately began negotiations for it’s return.  Carson, the oldest began complaining.  And Neely, my preteen was oddly silent.  When Andy broke the news that we weren’t putting an end date on their technology lock up, thats when it got ridiculous.  Karly began talking about her death, Carson began yelling, and Neely started slamming things around.  It was not our family’s finest hour.  But I #keepitreal .  And I will say that the TV is still in play.  I mean, I’m not crazy.  But I’ll have a huge say in what we watch.

I braced myself for a very long evening.  And after they had all let off some steam in their own preferred way, the evening ended with them playing pick up sticks outside, together,  while Izzy the border collie and I sat in our courtyard and enjoyed the weather.  Now tonight will get interesting I’m sure as they somehow have to figure out how to entertain themselves (GASP!).  But we’re not backing down.

This parenting gig is not for the faint of heart.  It is the single most thing that consumes me most of the time.  Am I doing it right???  Who am I kidding I have no idea WHAT I’m doing!!!  At the end of the day they make their own choices and there are no guarantees.  It honestly scares me to death.  Mainly because I made my own choices and some I paid dearly for.  But those same choices propelled me into a deeper relationship with God that I would have never known otherwise.  I can’t control everything, and I’m keenly aware of that.  But the things I can control, I’m going to.  So, peace out technology.  YouTube Kids, Minecraft, and Netflix go suck someone else in.  It’s time for a reboot.

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