The Great Tech Detox of 2017: The results are in!

I’ve been asked quite a bit by my fellow moms in the trenches how the “no technology” thing was going.  And I’m here to tell you, I’ve done the research for you guys.  They survive.  And they get over it.   And they find other things to do.  Don’t be afraid my mom friends.  Dig in.  They don’t have to have a device in their hands.  And what is on the other side of taking said devices out of their hands?  Creativity.  Engagement. Better attitudes. And they hung out with each other!  We spent a blissful evening on the back porch together, talking, laughing, and ENGAGING.  Karly and Andy did building projects.  Carson finished a book.  Neely perfected her trampoline skills.  It was the perfect family evening by our standards.  And I guarantee someone would have been inside watching something during that time if we hadn’t banned the technology.

Why are we so afraid to take away technology?  I’m not condemning you at all, because I was afraid to, too!  But you guys – we need to.   If you can stand your ground for the first 48 hours while they figure out how to deal, you’ll get to the other side of who your kids really are.

So I want to issue you a challenge.   Don’t be afraid mom and dad.  Don’t be afraid to rip that technology out of your kids hands, when attitudes become entitled and shove them in the box with the old ties.  It’s your job to show them they are more than filling their free time with games, Minecraft, and you tube kids.  We are doing them a disservice when we don’t challenge them to do more, to be more!  I get how awesome it is to not have to entertain your kids and work on your agenda for the day.  But honestly – that should be a rarity if you’re doing your job as mom.  I’m preaching to myself too my friends.  I think technology can have a time and place.  But it should never be in the car, at the dinner table, or just to shut your kids up.

My kids will be getting their technology back – sometime this week.  But there will be serious stipulations this time.  No more free for all, and me hollering “Get off your technology and go outside!”  Expectations will be clear.  And they’ll know I mean business – because I’ve taken it away once and I’m not afraid to do it again.  Who’s with me?

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