I’ve missed hanging out here on my little space on the internet.  Just like life can do, its gotten a little crazy for me.  More responsibility at work, 3 kids playing sports, a dog that is like a child and looks to me for attention and exercise, and for some reason a house that always needs to be cleaned and a family that expects me to feed them.  I quickly became very overwhelmed, which is a place I have found myself often since I can’t seem to say “no” to anything.  And I tend to set the bar high with anything I do.  With a high bar comes a certain amount of pressure.  I get that.  Sometimes it’s productive, and other times it’s not.  And when I can’t meet the expectation I’ve set for myself, then I’m disappointed.  And a lot of times I can’t meet the expectations set by others for me.  But thats another post.

It became apparent to me that some restructure was in order.  When restructure happens in the work world, people and titles are moved, changed, and sometimes eliminated all together.  It’s not pleasant for some, others thrive on change.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  Since I’ve been in this situation before, and made a few mistakes I knew I needed to really put some thought into what the restructure would look like in my life.  I won’t make the bar set, if I’m trying to do 15 things stellarly.  The only option since I refuse to lower the bar in some areas was to remove some of the “things”.  Some of the things I loved I was going to have to say goodbye to.  One of my favorites, was being a contributor for the Oklahoma City Moms Blog.  I’d done it for 3 years and loved the relationships I’d formed and the opportunity to stretch myself as a writer.  But I clearly felt I was being asked to give it up.  So I did.   Social media was another thing I knew I needed to scale back on.  It’s the ever present, time sucking, double edged sword.  It’s nice to be up to date on friends and family, but it can also steal your time, and your joy.  So this week – the facebook app has been deleted from my phone.  Instagram will most likely follow. I’m not closing my accounts because I’m not that committed…..Ha!  But I don’t need to absent mindedly click on that icon when I have a spare minute.  And I’ve made a conscious effort to use my late evenings to prepare for the next day, read, or actually get more sleep.  The thing that had to go was my favorite Netflix binge.

I think a little restructure is good every once in awhile – so the restructure continues.  Especially if you’re seeing positive results.  If you don’t see positive results, guess what – you can restructure again until you do.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, behind, tired – I want to encourage you to try some restructure in your life.  You may have to say goodbye to something you love – but sometimes there are benefits to that.  In more ways than added time.  Added head space is a plus too.

Happy Restructuring!


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