Rain, Rain, Go Away

Everyone knows I love rain.  I’m the first one to put on social media how much I love it once it rolls into town.  I love a good day where the skies are overcast and the pitter patter on my window makes me sleepy.  Actually just thinking about it makes me long for a long rainy day, a good book, and a fire in my fireplace right now.

But there is this other “rain” that happens.  And I’m not a fan. Where you’re just plugging along, thinking you have a handle on this thing called life and then 3 to, oh, maybe 77 things come along and remind you how totally out of control you really are. I could list all 77 things but instead I’ll just give you the first few of my morning – Woke up at 5:00am, oh yay.  I got a good solid 5 hours of sleep. Battery dead in the van when we are late because someone left the inside light on all night.  Battery issue made me forget my coffee and I had to stop and pay $2.00 for a large cup.  I get to work and realized I have a nice large stain on my shirt that won’t come out.  And had to turn my pants around in the bathroom stall because they were on backwards.  It’s 9:00am people.  And that’s not even the big things like my Aunt who is like a mother to me dying of brain cancer, putting on the single most forward facing event at work with a skeleton crew in a matter of weeks, and walking with my daughter through one of the toughest times she’s ever experienced with middle school girls.

I’d love for all of that “rain” to just go away.  Because then life would be easier for me.  And for those I love.  But we all know that won’t happen.  So I’m forced to decide how I will react.   I’ve love to channel my younger self and lash out at middle school injustices, demanding more resources,  and argue with God.  But there’s this thing called spiritual growth.  And I’m not released to do any of those things anymore.  So instead, I’m eliminating the noise and asking what God wants from me in each and every one of these rainy situations.  I’ll put up my extra large golf umbrella, put on my rain boots and grab the hands of those I love and walk with them.  The rain does eventually stop.  And the sun comes back out.  If you see me and I’m looking upward, I’m just looking in anticipation for the sun breaking through the clouds.

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