Possums, running and pie

Have you ever met a Possum?  I had not.  Until I did in our back yard.  Those things show their teeth and stand completely still.  And Izzy was having NO part of it being on our fence.  At midnight.  Twice a week.  Go home Possum.  Go find a new home.  We don’t want you here.

Well Hello little space about food, fitness, family and other randomness.    You wonder why you’ve been neglected?  Nothing I can say will make you feel better.  Lets just move on, ok?  Ok.

Well, the days of milder weather are upon us, with a little bit of ice and below freezing temps thrown in, just for kicks.  Since I have to walk Izzy daily, and I don’t love doing it in freezing temps, I’m going to embrace the weather changes.  50’s are my happy place.  It used to be 60’s.  Maybe it is still 60’s.  70’s are great too.  Just don’t bring on the 80’s yet.  I hate to sweat.


This is what I’ve been up to.  I’ve gotten my get in shape groove on since Jan. 1.  Training for the OKC Memorial Half marathon.  Guys, it’s been 2 years since I’ve done a race.  And that term is used lightly you know.  But I haven’t run a “race” since my full marathon.  If you want to know about some of my feelings during marathon training, you can click here and here or here.  And while I am SO HAPPY I did it.  It killed my love for running for 2 years.  But it’s ok, because it’s back!!  Me and my girl Amber are long run training partners.  We’ve got 9 on the docket this weekend.  And what we do when we run these long runs is we talk about how we are going to treat ourselves with good food and a girls trip when it’s all said and done.  #motivation.  I’ve also added in a little strength training.  If you’ve never done any of Bikini Body Mommy’s workouts, you should try her.  She’s crazy real, sometimes super annoying, but all her workouts are under 20 minutes and she has free 90 day challenges where she posts workouts daily.  And I have 2 accountability partners for that – Bethany and Heather.  Heather lives in Nashville and we have this group text where we send our #sweatyselfies when we’ve worked out and sometimes we send selfies with our coffee mugs and pretend like we are having coffee together.  And if any of those selfies ever make the internet I will say it’s not me.  But anyway, I haven’t trained for a half and done strength training since I first started running  7 years ago (what??).  I’m anxious to see if it makes a difference at all in both time and how I feel.

I’ve re-entered the full time working mom world.  It’s been a blessing since my kids all the sudden need braces, and driving school, and track uniforms that are way over priced in my opinion.  But ya’ll.  Working full time and keeping a house clean and running 3 kids to their activities is no joke.  No. Joke. I tell you.  But I have to say, if I have to work full time I’m so happy it’s not in Corporate America.  Corporate America – you suck.  Literally.  You’re a time suck for women.  You don’t respect work/life balance. We are never, ever, getting back together.  But I’m not bitter.

I plan on posting the recipe for this pie.  Like soon.  Because I feel like if I’ve ever wronged you, this pie might make it all better…maybe.




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