#Thunderup like never before

I pride myself in being low maintenance, easy to please, and generally common.  I shouldn’t have pride.  Because the Bible says not to.  And pride goeth before a fall, which I have experienced a few too many times than I’d like.  And thats a post or two for another time. But this is a different kind of pride.  For example, give me tickets to the Thunder game in loud city on the back row, and I’ll love every minute.  But give me tickets court side to the Thunder game, and this common girl’s year is made.  And that is exactly what happened.

I was gifted 2 tickets to Monday night’s Thunder game by one of my dearest friends, who was also coming along.

I’m going to give you a play by play.  Because things like this don’t happen to me.  And it must be documented.  And there were so many things to note, there at the side of the court.  So lets begin, shall we?

First things first.  Included in your court side ticket is dinner.   And it’s not burgers, hot dogs, fries.  It is all out dinner at a table with cloth napkins and a waiter.  This is my plate here.  Filled with lots of good things.

Next, when you make friends with the 2 sweet old men working the door, they give you tips – like be back here at 6:40 so you can get a front row place to the players going into the stadium.  I was there at 6:35.  So the team comes tearing around this corner, down a short hallway, and out to the court.  #Thunderup

On to our seats – Now my friend Bethany, who gifted us with these tickets, had told me they were good seats.  My little common mind had no idea how to comprehend exactly how good those seats would be.  Because, again, I’m just not lucky.  Friends, if I had reached out my hand, at certain points in the game, I would have been wiping the sweat off of Russell Westbrook.  As noted here.

I’m  calling these quite possibly one of the top 10 seats in the entire arena.  But I refrained from wiping his sweat for him.  I didn’t, however, refrain from videoing.  Because, when will I get to ever do this again?  Thats right.  Probably never.

Things to note:

  • Adams feet are large.  Like really large.  And they look even larger with those orange shoes.  I need you to understand how LARGE Steve Adams feet are.
  • Russell is in the zone – while you might be literally 6 inches from him, he has no idea you are there, because he is IN. THE. ZONE.  Which helps when you are a shameless fan with your phone taking videos of him.
  • Brewer doesn’t mind a few high 5s.  Every time I stuck my hand out he delivered.
  • Collison is just as I imagined.  Nice as can be.  He signed a little kids cast on his way out to the court. #awe
  • Seats this close are R rated…just so you know.  Passionate players = lots of profanity
  • Players use what looks to be a nail gun that has a foam ping pong ball on the end that vibrates quickly to keep their muscles loose on the bench.  And it is really, really loud.
  • There is a plastic tub with all kinds of trident gum in it next to the gatorade dispenser.
  • If you actually make eye contact with a player, they sometimes give you a smile or quick nod.
  • There is a waiter who will bring you popcorn and drinks if you want them, right to your seat.

Now, I mentioned I was shameless.  And I’m not going to apologize. This 40+ year old mom is a Thunder fan. So I stuck out my hand for high – well really – low 5’s all night.  Those who took me up on it – Mellow, Adams, George, Grant ( or JG as the team calls him) , Brewer, Abrines ( I congratulated him on his 3’s and he said thanks), Felton and Hamilton.  But who’s keeping score? Not me.

They came out with a win.  And I had the time of my life. Thanks Stayton’s!! We owe you! But don’t expect us to pay you back like that.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lacey says:

    Wow! I would have been so excited I wouldn’t have slept afterwards.


    1. Amy says:

      It was hard to! Still unbelievable.

      Liked by 1 person

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